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Move well, look good, & feel good in your body…naturally.

You live full on; your days are packed. You need endurance and focus for long days of work. You want to excel in physical pursuits. And you want to get down on the floor and play with the kids or grandkids.


You are experiencing neck, low back, and/or wrist pain from long periods of sitting at your keyboard or behind your steering wheel.

Or you are experiencing bouts of fatigue, insomnia, and/or digestive upset from feeling constant pressure. 

Or you’ve been sidelined by an injury and can’t seem to get your body back in the groove.

So how do you do it? Do you simply “power through”?

What if there was another way: a natural way to resolve these problems and address the daily aches, pains, injuries, stresses, and anxieties of work and life?


That way is The Engström Affekt: Body Therapist David Engström’s expert and experienced synthesis of acupuncture, movement and posture work, and Zen Bodytherapy® methods resulting from 30+ years of practice.

The Engström Affket is a progressive, drug-free approach that resolves health challenges so that you can live life full on, move well, look good, and feel good in your body…naturally.

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David has addressed serious issues, immediately, that the prescribed Physical Therapists did not. One instance, after the prescribed four weeks of PT, I was still unable to walk without a cane. One session with David had me walking unassisted. After two more sessions, I was without pain.
— Ross
David Engstrom is one of the most talented healers I have had the pleasure of experiencing. David is extremely intuitive, and can easily recognize the emotional language of the body that can lead to disease and also healing.
— Marie Manucherhri, RN, Author of "Intuitive Self-Healing"
The first time I walked into David Engstrom’s office I was in terrible shape. Walking more than a few feet was impossible. I had constant burning and tingling sensations in my arms and legs, and very limited movement in my right shoulder. I was using a wheelchair to get around the house. I’d been this way for a year and a half and I had seen many doctors.

In less than a month after my first appointment the wheelchair was discarded. In six months my mobility was greatly improved the tingling and burning abated. I could walk into the grocery store (and back out). In a little over a year, with David’s skill and guidance, and by doing his prescribed exercises five to six days a week, my shoulder is almost normal, the tingling and burning are gone, my hip muscles are now functioning, and I’m able to walk longer distances in comfort.
— Ellen