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Artful Solutions
for Optimal Health

Release, Unwind, and Align


The Engström Affekt approaches the body as a whole system, not just a collection of broken parts.

Healing is approached as a process rather than a procedure (or political agenda). Your internal systems and physical structure are balanced and aligned. A synthesis of Eastern and Western approaches is used. Side effects common to conventional approaches are minimal to non-existent with the Engström Affekt.

Acupuncture/East Asian Medicine Sessions

Acupuncture is a part of a holistic system of East Asian Medicine founded on the Principle of Relative Balance (commonly referred to as "Yin & Yang"). When there is relative balance acute pain is alleviated. The principle of balance is considered in the general sense of body type, food, personality, and exercise.

Zen Bodytherapy® Sessions

Zen Bodytherapy® — or Zentherapy® for short — achieves the perfect synthesis of the best techniques in the field of healing. Zentherapy® helps the body, mind, and spirit by releasing the natural form of the body from the aberrations caused by physical, chemical, psychological, and spiritual traumas.

Movement, Posture, and Strength Sessions

If strength is your main priority, and movement and posture are sacrificed, you are at a disadvantage. And if movement and posture are sacrificed, you are probably doing damage to your body. Ultimate and optimal body function and performance are the result of the relative balance of movement, posture, and strength.


David Engstrom is one of the most talented healers I have had the pleasure of experiencing.  This includes conventional and non conventional practitioners. His tool box is huge as he uses acupuncture, and a combination of Feldenkrais and Rolfing called Zen Therapy. David is also extremely intuitive, and can easily recognize the emotional language of the body that can lead to disease and also healing.

Marie Manucherhri RN, Author of "Intuitive Self-Healing"

I first met Dave back around 2002 when I was struggling with nagging pain in my neck, upper and lower back, and right side which had persisted for several years. It all started with a sharp pain in my neck on the day of an exam my last year in college, and then other symptoms arose even after seeing a litany of medical doctors, massage practitioners, physical therapists, and other professionals.

Dave was a godsend. A lot of my pain problems were clearly rooted in stress...after starting work in a pretty intense job, my body would not let go of the stress symptoms that were keeping me locked up.

I really enjoyed lifting weights in college and had to dial that back quite a bit between 2000-2002 while dealing with the pain management, which was very, very frustrating. Meeting Dave, he really opened up my eyes to a lot of these issues and the acupuncture treatments and other body work were just what I needed to start removing some of the trigger points in my body that had really taken root.

After several months of seeing Dave, I had seen dramatic improvements and was able to return to my previous sports activities, and even took up running half marathons. I moved from West Seattle in 2004 to live in Europe for several years, but returned to Seattle in 2006 and relocated to the Greenlake neighborhood.

Distance and geography has not kept me from seeing Dave on a regular basis the last 7 years. I am very active and now have two little children that demand my attention and I am very grateful to be able to play with them like a little kid. Regular and routine “maintenance” through acupuncture and body work is simply a lifestyle choice for me and it is one significant tool in the tool belt for personal health, and a very important one.

There are good practitioners, there are average ones, and rarely do you find a truly outstanding, absolutely top of class practitioner. Dave Engstrom is one such individual. He has put in the time over many years in the fields in which he practices and he is an expert. I have referred a number of individuals to Dave over the years and would do so readily to any member of my close family. My advice to you is – look him up, you will not regret it.

Chris Richard, Seattle

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